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Kopjar Zhanna
,  Белград, RS
на Флагма с 3 декабря 2015


Far Eastern cedar cone benefits
Dry drink BioKedr made of cedar cone husk purified from resin was created to
support the active functions of the body. The cedar cone contains a full set of essential vitamins in their natural combination, which allows them to strengthen each others action and improve their absorption in the body. And not a single micro and macroelement, if it enters the body separately, will not give such a positive result as in the composition of the cedar cone balanced by nature.

The product is created so that you can use it for drink as simple as possible – the powder from the sachet-pack should be added to clean boiled water heated and cooled to a temperature of 45°C - 50°C, this is important because normal heating or even boiling destroys all useful substances, so do not add powder in the water before making sure that temperature is not above 50°C.

BioKedr paper bag is designed for 40 days of use — set of 4 sachet-packs, each sachet-pack contains 7 grams of Far Eastern cedar cone crushed into powder. ⠀
Each sachet-pack is designed for 1 liter of water infusion, drink 50-60 ml twice a day.

The rich vitamin composition of the natural crushed pine cone of the Far Eastern cedar will help you improve your wellbeing.

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,  Белград, RS
на Флагма с 3 декабря 2015
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